Showing a passion for the Windows Presentation Foundation charts the online blog WPFcharts is there to assist you with all sorts of information and updates on what’s new and the develop of the windows charts. Whether you are new to these types of charts or interested in finding more your online source is here.

SciChart is a financial and scientific software house currently leading in innovation of new tools for Xamarin WPF Charts on mobile devices. Xamarin.Androing and Xamarin.iOS Alpha versions have been released by SciChart to come in the aid of those seeking for the same smooth and complex WPF Charts they experience with SciChart on desktop computers, on their mobile devices. The whole world is going mobile and SciChart is one step ahead of the curve by bringing you Xamarin WPF Charts for your mobile device.

SciChart makes a bold step in introducing iOS Charts. What can be better than making WPF iOS Chart on the tube, or when on a business trip? SciChart comes to all WPF Charts enthusiasts with the option of creating WPF Charts from your iPad or iPhone. Use any iOS device with SciChart and the results will always be beautiful and fast iOS WPF Charts. Forget about the old days when a laptop or desktop computer was needed for making WPF Charts thanks to SciChart.